Pleasure. Freedom. Madness. Roger Dubuis continues to pave an exhilarating path into the future of Hyper Horology™ by taking the most thrilling route possible. Fulfilling its ambition for hyper performance with a desire to go beyond expectations, the Maison seeks out those that share its bold and daring creativity to get there. Today, Roger Dubuis announces its return as the official timer of Run to Monaco, one of the world’s most exclusive driving odysseys.

The annual Run to Monaco is a unique rendez-vous across the most stunning routes in the Mediterranean. The unmissable journey combines hypercars and hyper experiences with the race hosting the most fearless, passionate and hedonistic guests on their way to the Monaco Grand Prix. Taking their long-term partnership from strength to strength, Roger Dubuis brings the event to the next level of excess with an infusion of the freedom and madness it's known for.

Applying this mindset to the supercharged road trip, Roger Dubuis brings its big, bold, hyper world of adrenaline to the adventure with a series of roaring experiences. With engines starting in Rome, passing through charming Tuscany, and making a pit stop in breath-taking Portofino, the guests enjoy outstanding culinary experiences, unique shows, and memorable evenings in spectacular locations along the way. The trip ends in Monaco as the thrills and emotions of the renowned Formula 1 race are felt from the luxury of a truly exclusive superyacht.

Exceptional hypercars, unforgettable spots, sensational entertainment: Roger Dubuis immerses this exclusive community of connoisseurs into the exhilarating world of Hyper Horology™ with a showstopping display of exceptional timepieces powered by hyper mechanical calibres. From Rome to Monaco, expect the unexpected at every turn with Roger Dubuis. Ready to feel the thrill?

The rush of adrenalin, a pounding heart, the sure and certain knowledge that something is about to happen: 
ENTER THE FUTURE OF HYPER HOROLOGY. Impertinent, excessive and slightly mad, this is Roger Dubuis. 
Solidly sustained by an integrated Manufacture, an innovative spirit, and a flagrant disregard for convention, this 
is what Roger Dubuis is all about! Laugh, scream, roar, and above all, create… for an exclusive tribe that believes 
in the philosophy of living larger than life at every turn. Inspired by other cutting-edge industries and out-of-thebox 
designs to prove, time and time again, that Roger Dubuis is unquestionably the most exciting way to 
experience Hyper Horology.