When hyper watchmakers meet contemporary lifestyle enthusiasts

Searching for inspiration in the most unexpected places is in Roger Dubuis’ DNA. This includes uniting with those who share its values to push boundaries, obsess daily over the design of the future, and celebrate contemporary culture in all its shapes and sizes. Continuing on a journey to create hyper expressive and contemporary masterpieces, Roger Dubuis is proud to introduce the Excalibur Hypebeast Monobalancier (MB).

Besides being a friend of the Maison, Hypebeast is the premiere destination for contemporary culture and lifestyle. With its powerful connection to a global community, Hypebeast inspires those who want to stand at the forefront of fashion, horology, art, design, music, and beyond.

As passionate about the future as Roger Dubuis, Hypebeast has been invited by the Maison to join forces to co- create the latest interpretation of the iconic Excalibur Monobalancier. With its keen eye and finger on the pulse for all that is cool and edgy, the culturally curious platform testifies the Excalibur Hypebeast MB is at the forefront of contemporary design and Roger Dubuis proves again to be the most exciting way to experience Hyper Horology™.


As bold and ambitious as Roger Dubuis, Hypebeast wanted to curate a timepiece that stood out within the world of haute horlogerie. 

Now Roger Dubuis unveils the results of this collaboration with a limited edition of the Excalibur MB. Keeping the shape of its signature star unchanged, the Maison chose to coat it in navy blue – one of Hypebeast’s distinctive colours – and apply the same signature colour to the flange and around the micro-rotor as well.


To create a playful contrast that highlights these striking navy blue elements, the new Excalibur Hypebeast MB is housed in a 42 mm case in radiant white ceramic, with a white strap. This minimalist and contemporary choice further enhances the expressive clean cut lines of the original Excalibur MB, accentuating the impressive mechanical heart of the masterpiece.

Though ceramic is used throughout the horological world already, Roger Dubuis’ ceramic timepieces stand out with a display of true prowess for a key reason: a refusal to compromise on the Maison’s signature shape. This is unheard of within watchmaking, with any ceramic cases usually designed to fit to the material. Taking ceramic from raw form to the distinctive Roger Dubuis’ case demanded remarkable talent, with the transformation taking 15 times longer than crafting the same case from gold. Only the boldest, most dedicated and skilled dare take on such a task. Hyper-resistant to daily scratches and refusing to tarnish over time, Roger Dubuis’ radiant white ceramic timepiece is where hyper durability meets hyper expressivity in a single masterpiece. 


Recently enhanced with a series of mechanical and aesthetic improvements, the calibre of the Excalibur Hypebeast MB is a feat of horological prowess. With ingenuity and unmatched craftsmanship, Roger Dubuis’ engineers increased the power reserve of the automatic RD720SQ to 72 hours, as well as optimised the micro-rotor to minimise its vibrations.

Continuously seeking solutions to reach hyper performance, the balance wheel inertia is also doubled to improve stability and make it less sensitive to shocks. In the same way, better resistance over time as well as better efficiency and energy transmission are achieved by using a new lube and by optimising the shape of the escapement wheel paired with adjustable pallet-stones – both constructed from diamond-coated silicon. Hand-finished with meticulous care, the new masterpiece is certified by the Poinçon de Genève, one of the most demanding certifications in fine watchmaking. The Excalibur Hypebeast MB is completed with a white 3D embossed calf leather strap with Quick Release System for ultimate versatility.

 Offering cutting-edge trend-setters the most exciting way to experience Hyper Horology™, the new masterpiece curated by Hypebeast is limited to 28 pieces only. Found on exclusive display within the HBX New York flagship store, it will be available for purchase in Roger Dubuis’ flagship boutiques and on its website. A contemporary timepiece of choice is here.  It’s time to make your statement.



The rush of adrenalin, a pounding heart, the sure and certain knowledge that something is about to happen: ENTER THE FUTURE OF HYPER HOROLOGY™. Impertinent, excessive and slightly mad, this is Roger Dubuis. Solidly sustained by an integrated Manufacture, an innovative spirit, and a flagrant disregard for convention, this is what Roger Dubuis is all about! Laugh, scream, roar, and above all, create… for an exclusive tribe that believes in the philosophy of living larger than life at every turn. Inspired by other cutting-edge industries and out-of-the-box designs to prove, time and time again, that Roger Dubuis is unquestionably the most exciting way to experience Hyper Horology™. NO RULES, OUR GAME


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