Full throttle

Revved up, high geared and pumped… Roger Dubuis is right up there when it comes to being streets ahead of the crowd and appealing to a community united by a powerful tribal feeling. So whether it’s about code-breaking designs, thundering technology or passionate performance, the brand that dares to be different is quick off the mark, with the support of its perpetually creative R&D division. With a constant ear to the ground for what’s going on out there, of recent years, the latter has drawn inspiration from a range of other industries. Driven by a firm belief that every day is filled with fresh challenges to be vanquished, Roger Dubuis thus fearlessly roars into the future of Fine Watchmaking with a truly remarkable disregard for any and all boundaries.

When visionary engineers meet incredible watchmakers, the outcome is bound to be mind-bending. Such is the case with the potent partnerships set up by Roger Dubuis since 2017 with legendary car designer and manufacturer Lamborghini Squadra Corse; and tyre king Pirelli that has equipped every Lamborghini produced and currently realizes bespoke tyres designed for the best performance, handling and safety of specific car models. Against this background of shared gutsiness, roaring imagination and unbelievable aesthetics have sprung two exceptional relationships. On the one hand, an adrenaline-fuelled, performance-packed Raging Mechanics alliance underpinned by the sleekest technology; and on the other, a collaboration with Pirelli driven by the same fascination with materials technology and such an obsession with innovation that it has been dubbed “the Perfect Fit”.

Disruptive Hyper Horology

Two years into these dynamic joint endeavours, the spiky hexagonal forms of the carbon atom on which Lamborghini design is based continue to merge with Swiss precision and mechanical instruments. In the next lap undertaken in conjunction with these explosive relationships, from March 7th to 17th, for the second consecutive year, Roger Dubuis will be firing on all cylinders alongside prestigious automobiles at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. An event notably featuring the presentation of three turbo-charged new additions to its highly sought-after supercar-inspired Excalibur line-up. These include two iterations of its much-vaunted Excalibur Huracán, one in blue and the other in pink gold and titanium; as well as an exclusive 88-piece limited edition Excalibur Huracán Performante timepiece. The latter features a standout honeycomb motif as well as strap bearing the Performante Pirelli P Zero™ Trofeo™ R tyre-pattern design on the inside. This custom-made tyre enhances driving pleasure and represents the state-of-the-art technology for ultimate performance on track thanks to Pirelli’s centennial racing expertise.

A bold master sleight of high tech and avantgarde design inspired by the automotive world, the 45-mm diameter Excalibur Huracán timepiece offers the same blend of performance, lightness, and security as its namesake supercar. The skeleton automatic RD630 calibre features a 12° angled balance wheel representing the movement signature associated with Lamborghini Squadra Corse, while the 360° oscillating weight inspired by the rim of the Huracán supercar reproducing the same kind of speed effect as a supercar wheel; and the upper calibre features a strut-bar design bridge reminiscent of those found on the V10 engine of the Lamborghini Huracán supercar itself. Oozing stylish muscle, the use of this avantgarde carbon, renowned for its resistance (safety) and lightness (performance) properties, reflects the spectacular skill of both Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Squadra Corse in adapting unconventional materials for their own, highly individual purposes. In a final burst of unleashed creativity, the sprung balance has been turned around in comparison to a traditional mechanical movement to ensure that wearers can luxuriate in the pleasure of seeing the heart of their timepiece beating.

Fans of supercar-inspired watchmaking are in for an additional special treat throughout the Geneva International Motor Show, with a newly released Huracán Super Trofeo EVO livery. The race car, which usually races worldwide in the famous Lamborghini one-make championship, will be stationed in front of the nearby Manufacture Roger Dubuis, together with a spectacular line-up of Lamborghini road models

Fierce beauty

Completing the Roger Dubuis line-up, a red-hot 88-piece limited edition of the Excalibur Pirelli Automatic Skeleton timepiece – notably featuring a strap with rubber inlays from certified race-winning Pirelli tyres, as well as tread motifs exactly like those of the Pirelli CinturatoTM intermediate tyre – is also being introduced on this occasion. The sturdy black DLC titanium case of this fierce and fiery model admirably frames Calibre RD820SQ, highlighting the Manufacture’s signature 3D effect through the raised position of the Astral Skeleton movement along with the structure and height of the distinctive Roger Dubuis micro-rotor.

In a well-placed word of advice to the exclusive tribe of supercar and superwatch fans dedicated to voracious hedonism: head for the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show and what promises to be yet another thrilling, emotion-charged rallying of the senses – Roger Dubuis-style.

Roger Dubuis X Geneva Motor Show 2019
About Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis has been at the forefront of contemporary Haute Horlogerie since 1995. Its audacious creations, firmly anchored in the 21st century, embody substantial expertise expressed through the finest watchmaking mechanisms combined with powerful and daring designs. Boldness and extravagance are the brand’s signatures, and determination its driving force.

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur and Velvet collections are distributed worldwide through an exclusive sales network and boutiques. The quest for excellence, the long search for the right gesture, as well as the development of unique skills are all defining characteristics of the Geneva-based Swiss Maison.