Excess ignites Shanghai

Excess is synonymous with the name Roger Dubuis: as a way of expression, a means of living larger than life, of pushing technical and aesthetic limits, or breaking every rule. Part of its very DNA, this character trait is encouraged in every aspect of Roger Dubuis’ existence and particularly when it comes to providing its guests with extravagant experiences. Excess however, is tempered with a penchant for duality in every form: within Roger Dubuis’ soul subsists an indefatigable love of adrenalin with indomitably expressive singularity. In parallel, in yet another fascinating and emblematic quirk, everything Roger Dubuis does or thinks is infused with deep respect for tradition, along with an unmistakably contemporary touch.

Roger Dubuis ignites Shanghai

Kindred spirits

In its latest expression of these standout characteristics, October 17th to 19th will see Roger Dubuis express excess in at a truly disruptive event in Shanghai. This vibrant Chinese city represents the perfect backdrop for the launch of two outstanding new timepieces perfectly embodying these contrasts. Guests are in for much more than just an event as they embark on a powerful sensorial experience transporting them into an unexpected emotional dimension. Offering a journey like no other, this eye-opening odyssey will lead attendees on an exciting tour of the world of the brand resulting in an unprecedented feeling for and exposure to watchmaking.

Dancing with duality

Colours and sound. Sound and colours. This is Roger Dubuis duality at its most thrilling. At every new stage of this sound infused and brilliantly coloured sensory explosion, wonderstruck visitors to this eminently Roger Dubuis-style space will find themselves enjoying an intimate and real-life illustration of the high-adrenalin yet profoundly artistic nature characterising the brand that dares to be different.

View Xu Kai at Roger Dubuis event in Shanghai
Xu Kai at Roger Dubuis event in Shanghai
View Dou Xiao at Roger Dubuis event in Shanghai
Dou Xiao at Roger Dubuis event in Shanghai

Eyes wide, mouths agape, guests will wander through an illuminated architectural wonderland comprised of a minute repeater room in the form of an anechoic chamber within which earth-shaking surround sound provides an experience of watchmaking that even the most cynical will never forget. Here lives and breathes the Excalibur Spider Unique Series. The Excalibur Spider Unique Series represents a powerful dose of adrenalin in its own right as well as a classic example of Roger Dubuis’ duality by taking a much-admired and highly exclusive complication and reinterpreting it in ultra-modern SMC carbon. Yet another vivid example of its serial innovator approach to watchmaking.

Sure to light up the inner extravagance of the most intrepid Roger Dubuis aficionado, the journey continues through a Blacklight Box incorporating every ounce of the brand’s unbridled artistic creativity. Here, colour reigns supreme. Against this perfect, larger than life backdrop – epitomising Roger Dubuis’ exceptional capacity to cultivate beauty and unparalleled flair for detail, gleams the rainbow decor of the 28-piece Excalibur Blacklight limited edition. A technical and aesthetic feat made possible by lab-grown sapphire technology used for the first time in Haute Horlogerie. Intensified by the soft surrounding darkness, the movement gives the impression of a veritable 3D mechanical sculpture, a sensation reinforced by sapphire’s inherent ability to glow under UV light, revealing the motif as it were floating in the case at night. Employing a mix of materials to display a unique and contemporary design, the outcome is a full-fledged mechanical objet d’art brimming with significant emotional content.

And as this ultimate voyage of discovery reaches its climax with a spectacularly incandescent architectural scaffolding, all that remains will be for guests to sit back and enjoy the unmistakably Roger Dubuis ride.

Roger Dubuis in Shanghai
About Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis has been at the forefront of contemporary Haute Horlogerie since 1995. Its audacious creations, firmly anchored in the 21st century, embody substantial expertise expressed through the finest watchmaking mechanisms combined with powerful and daring designs. Boldness and extravagance are the brand’s signatures, and determination its driving force.

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur and Velvet collections are distributed worldwide through an exclusive sales network and boutiques. The quest for excellence, the long search for the right gesture, as well as the development of unique skills are all defining characteristics of the Geneva-based Swiss Maison.